January 2 is
World Introvert Day

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World Introvert Day is held on 2 January each year and is an opportunity for people worldwide to better understand and appreciate introverts. The first World Introvert Day was held in 2011.

Let's face it: introverts are a misunderstood minority. We live in an extrovert world and introverts often appear to be arrogant and strange. Which they aren't. Introverts just work differently. And let's not forget that although introverts might be a minority, they are a majority in the gifted population. Most famous scientists, philosophers, artists and thinkers are introverted.

Introverts shape the world we live in. But they also have to face specific health risks, job-related problems and often difficult relationships. A better understanding of introversion will lead to a better world. Let's take a moment on January 2 and think about what it means to be an introvert.

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Find likeminded Introverts

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